• June 12, 2024

Cairo Amman Bank News


Cairo Amman Bank Opens a New Branch in Al Hussein Medical City

Cairo Amman Bank strengthened its spread in the Capital Governorate of Amman by opening a new branch inside Al Hussein Medical City to serve its employees, auditors and the bank’s customers in general .

The new branch began receiving its clients at its headquarters, which is located within the campus of the Medical City, next to the Medical Services Administration Building.

The new branch was equipped according to the latest modern and technical designs with the aim of ensuring speedy customer service and expanding the customer base by providing the best banking services.

The work and interior designs of the branch simulate the process of renewal and the continuous banking boom witnessed by the bank to match the bank’s corporate identity in order to provide modern service in comfort, safety and smoothness.

In the new Medical city branch, the bank was keen to provide all amenities and quickly provide its services to its customers inside the branch, including the provision of an ATM to provide all banking services 24 hours a day.

The bank also designed products that suit all the requirements of workers in the medical city at competitive prices.

It is noteworthy that this new branch was established in the context of implementing the bank’s policy to expand the geographical spread to serve its customers everywhere as a result of the remarkable increase of new customers whose confidence in the bank’s special banking services, especially electronic ones, are enhanced.

Cairo Amman Bank renews the agreement to issue smart university cards with the Hashemite University

The Hashemite University renewed its confidence in Cairo Amman Bank by signing an agreement to convert the university’s student identity into a multi-use smart card.
Under the agreement, Cairo bank will add qualitative services to the cardholder, including electronic payment technology and secure financial operations over the Internet.
The agreement was signed on behalf of the bank by Chief Executive Officer Kamal Al-Bakri, and on behalf of the university, its president, Prof. Fawaz Al-Abdul-Haq, the customer, in the presence of the university’s vice presidents, Prof. Dr. Sultan Al-Maani, Prof. Dr. Hossam Khadash, and the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Sadiq Shdeifat.
The bank keeps pace with technological developments and harnesses them to provide distinguished banking services and quality services to Jordanian universities, including academics, administrators and students.
Cairo Amman Bank issues and operates multi-use smart identity cards for university students, and adds qualitative services to the card holder, including electronic payment technology and secure financial operations via the Internet, while the student can use the card inside the university campus as an identification card, to pay university fees, and to pay for university facilities that are available It has Point of Sale devices.The student can use the card to buy online, and the ability to fill the card with cash through bank branches and Kiosk devices designed specifically for this purpose.
One of the advantages of the smart card is enabling students to benefit from the discounts offered by the bank at a discount network (merchants / shops, etc.) that includes many sectors needed by the card holder, and to benefit from discounts and offers arranged by companies issuing cards and global and local payment services within a network of approved stores inside Jordan.


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