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Capital Bank is the Golden Sponsor of the Annual Educational Forum of “Al Ahlia and the Bishop”

In implementation of its social responsibility programs that support the education sector, and based on its belief in the importance of developing, improving and advancing this sector, Capital Bank – the leading bank in providing innovative banking solutions for companies and individuals – announced its golden sponsorship of the annual educational forum organized by “Al Ahlia and Al Mutran” on Saturday and Sunday. 19-20/6/2021 under the title “Remaking Tomorrow: Learning and education after the pandemic.
This golden sponsorship by Capital Bank comes in appreciation of the distinguished and pioneering role that Al-Ahlia and the Metropolitan contribute in supporting the process of learning and education, and in promoting education strategies according to the highest international standards.
It addressed the sub-themes of the forum, which is an annual specialized educational forum that revolves around methodologies, trends and best practices in the world of education; Re-discovering teaching and learning strategies, rethinking assessment strategies, as well as reworking the school community’s well-being. Based on these themes, 35 sessions were presented that shed light on various specialized topics in both Arabic and English, which were attended by 500 educators from 17 local and international educational institutions.
During the forum, Capital Bank held two sessions for the participants, during which the latest innovative banking products and services provided by the bank in the local market for the individual sector were presented, which work to fully meet their needs and their life and practical requirements, which were digitally enabled to provide them with safe and easy access to daily banking services.

Capital Bank Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Barry Specialty Coffee Company (BLK Coffee)

As part of its social responsibility programs and its support for small and medium-sized companies due to their significant contribution to achieving sustainable development, Capital Bank – the leading provider of innovative banking solutions for individuals and companies – recently signed a cooperation agreement with Barry Specialty Coffee Company (BLK Coffee).
Under the cooperation agreement, BLK Coffee will provide one free coffee per day in any of its branches to former Capital Bank and Bank Audi customers who hold direct debit cards.
Commenting on the agreement, the head of retail banking at Capital Bank, Mohamed Othman, said: “We are always keen to be a permanent and supportive partner for our customers and part of their daily dealings. With this in mind, we seek through this agreement to make a positive impact on our customers every morning when they start their day with a rich cup of coffee sponsored by Capital Bank. We have chosen Barry Specialty Coffee Company (BLK Coffee) as part of our continuous efforts to support the young Jordanian energies and shed light on their local projects.”
Capital Bank is at the forefront of Jordanian banks supporting start-ups, small and medium enterprises and is considered the backbone of the national economy for its great role in alleviating poverty and unemployment by creating job opportunities for Jordanian youth.
For his part, the founding partner of Barry Specialty Coffee Company (BLK Coffee), Khaled Al-Rayyan expressed his happiness at signing this agreement with Capital Bank, expressing his hope that this one-year agreement will achieve the desired benefit for both parties.
The aim of establishing Barry Specialty Coffee Company (BLK Coffee) was to fill the gap in the local market by providing a rich experience for coffee lovers with high quality standards, in a manner that enhances the local culture while maintaining an affordable price level.

Capital Bank signed a cooperation agreement with Codebase Technologies to launch The first digital bank integrated (Neobank) for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses in Jordan and Iraq

Capital Bank, one of the leading Jordanian banks, has signed a cooperation agreement with Codebase Technologies to launch the first integrated digital bank to serve companies and institutions as well as individuals in Jordan and Iraq , which aims, through its advanced digital platform based on the latest technologies, to provide digital tools and the necessary finances – for clients – to enable them to have complete control over their financial decisions.

Capital Bank is located in an ideal competitive position to establish an integrated digital bank, due to its strong presence in Jordan and Iraq, the largest trading partner for Jordan, in addition to the bank’s current licenses in both countries, making Capital Bank the ideal gateway to launch integrated digital banking services for companies and individuals on the Both.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Capital Bank Group, His Excellency Basem Khalil Al-Salem, said: ” This strategic partnership with Codebase Technologies comes in response to Capital Bank’s plans to strengthen its competitive position and expand its regional and local reach in Jordan and Iraq ” , stressing the bank’s commitment to providing innovative and highly efficient digital banking services to clients .

The CEO of Capital Bank, Daoud Al-Ghoul: “We are happy to be the first bank in Jordan and Iraq to take this decisive step towards jumping into the future of banking, which is on the path of complete transformation from traditional banking services to advanced digital banking services, as this bank Neobank with its brand and separate identity will have an impact As a digital economic accelerator in the region, which will provide a solid and strong foundation for the delivery of a broader generation of advanced digital products and services.”

Rahel Iqbal, Managing Partner of Codebase Technologies, commented: “ We at Codebase Technologies are honored to have been chosen by Capital Bank as a technology partner in Jordan and Iraq . Through our experience in successfully launching several digital banks in the region, we have demonstrated our commitment to designing, building and delivering transformative digital enablers that enrich customer experience and accelerate business growth for our partners. We apply technologies driven by innovation, precision, and dedication to deliver exceptional service, making us the leading digital transformation company to transform the banking services of the Capital Bank Group and its clients.”
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

While Capital Investments, wholly owned by Capital Bank, which was established in 2006, provides specialized investment banking services to its clients through its offices in Jordan and in the UAE / Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and in Saudi Arabia .

Towards the end of 2020 , and in translation of its expansion plans, Capital Bank Group acquired the operations of the Lebanese Bank Audi in Jordan and Iraq, where Capital Bank branches rose to 28 branches, and the National Bank of Iraq branches to 18 branches.



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