• June 22, 2024

A summary of the magazine and its objectives:

A periodic economic magazine that tackles various economic and investment topics.

Issued in Arabic and English.

Investors Magazine has been issued regularly since its establishment with 63 issues until the end of 2021. Seven thousand copies are printed of each issue. 

Distribution is a very important aspect of the magazine, which is distributed free of charge to all economic, governmental and public sectors companies in the Kingdom, including ministries, embassies, universities, schools, insurance companies, banks, hospitals and medical clinics, as well as real estate companies, hotels and touristicstations, pharmaceutical and navigation companies, transit centers and bridges, as well as personal distribution to numerous public figures in Jordan.


Distribution locations: 

Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates Investors Magazine participates annually in the most prominent investment exhibitions such as Cityscape Exhibition held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Jeddah. 



To cover all aspects of investment in different economic sectors, and highlight the role of investment and investors in advancing the local economy and sustainable development. Investors Magazine tackles the issues and concerns of the investment sectors, and conveys these messages to the concernedauthorities and officials, in order to propose and implement appropriate solutions.To highlight the roles that various organizations and companies play in achieving success across different levels.Conductingdialogues and interviews to communicate views, ideas and best practices from experienced leading investors and politicians so that others can benefit from their experience and utilize them in their daily operations and strategies.



Investors Magazine aims at being the top choice magazine in the region, as well as being a credible source for investors and business people in Jordan and beyond, by giving this sector the attention and devotion it requires in order to meet their ambitions and aid them in developing their investment projects. We truly believe that these investment projects are the cornerstone of the financial development of the country, which will also increase the overall national income.



The main value of Investors Magazine is to offer a credible, forward thinking, transparent and analytical outlook on the business and investment sector, it addition to paying attention to details and ensuring the satisfaction of subscribers and readers alike. The magazine has also adopted a policy to continuously offer new and fresh material to keep the reader interested and the magazine current, keeping Investors Magazine top of mind.