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For the Sixth Year in a Row Arab Bank “Best Bank in the Middle East ” for 2021  

Arab Bank has recently won the “Best Bank in the Middle East 2021” award from Global Finance, a New York-based magazine, achieving its sixth year in a row.
This prestigious global recognition comes based on a comprehensive evaluation by the magazine’s specialized editors and based on the opinions of a specialized group of executive financial managers, bankers, banking advisors and an elite of financial and credit analysts from around the world.
The magazine based its selection on a set of criteria, including asset growth, profitability, geographical spread, strength of strategic relationships, business development and product innovation.
The Global Finance magazine’s global awards cover nearly 150 countries and regions around the world, including Africa, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean, Central America, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Western Europe.
Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Nehme Sabbagh, Executive General Manager of Arab Bank, said: “The Arab Bank’s obtaining this global recognition for the sixth year in a row is a confirmation of the strength of the bank’s business model and its ability to provide strong levels of performance across its regional network of branches, despite the exceptional circumstances and challenges imposed by the global Corona pandemic.” Sabbagh added: “The bank continues to provide integrated banking solutions to its customers from various sectors locally and regionally, in addition to its focus on keeping pace with the latest technological developments in the banking industry, based on its comprehensive strategy and ambitious future vision.”

Arab Bank Issues its 10th Annual Sustainability Report

Arab Bank has recently released its twelfth annual sustainability report for 2018, which provides a summary of the Bank’s performance and achievements in the social, environmental and economic fields for 2019.
The Bank’s issuance of the Sustainability Report comes in light of the global Corona pandemic, as the report sheds light on how the Arab Bank responded and dealt with the conditions and challenges resulting from this pandemic that has swept the world since the beginning of 2020. The report shows the role played by the Arab Bank in supporting its employees and customers and its unremitting efforts to preserve their health and safety and to continue providing basic banking services to various sectors and employing its advanced digital services and channels in a way that contributes to business continuity and sustainability under these unprecedented exceptional circumstances. The report also clarifies the Bank’s contribution to supporting national efforts and initiatives aimed at combating this epidemic and limiting its health, economic and social repercussions on the Kingdom, based on the Bank’s social responsibility and activating the values of solidarity, responsible citizenship and community participation.
The report covers the various activities and initiatives undertaken by the Bank during the past year at the social, economic and environmental levels, within the main axes of the Arab Bank’s sustainability strategy. The report also addresses the Bank’s contribution and continuous efforts in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the various initiatives that the Bank supports and participates in.
The issuance of 2020 Arab Sustainability Report is a continuation of the institutional approach adopted by the Bank in the field of sustainability and within the framework of integrating the concept of sustainability in its comprehensive strategic sense within the Bank’s activities and practices to enhance the Bank’s contribution and its impact on achieving sustainable community development. Arab Bank is one of the first banks to issue sustainability reports on an annual basis in the Kingdom and across the region as part of its policy of transparency and promoting positive communication with all stakeholders and in line with best practices in this field.
This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards launched in 2016 using the comprehensive option, which represents the highest level of disclosure of all indicators on topics of interest to stakeholders.
To view the Arab Bank’s Sustainability Report for 2020, please visit the bank’s website www.arabbank.com.

 The Arab Bank supports humanitarian initiatives within the framework of its social responsibility program “Together ”

Within the framework of the celebration of the centenary of the establishment of the Jordanian state, the Arab Bank handed over a number of modern computers donated to the Ministry of Education, which were distributed to a number of the ministry’s schools in various regions of the Kingdom, in addition to its contribution to the modernization of a number of computer laboratories for a number of government schools.

The bank’s initiative came in cooperation with the Supreme Committee for the Centennial Celebration of the State, and the Ministry of Education, and within the social responsibility program of the Arab Bank “Together”.

This initiative comes to embody the Arab Bank’s keenness to contribute to supporting the education sector and efforts aimed at providing the educational process and environment with the requirements for success and progress, improving its output and quality, and empowering students with modern means of knowledge. 
In light of the success achieved by the “Saving Arts” program in its previous session, the Haya Cultural Center, with the exclusive support of the Arab Bank, started offering new workshops through electronic platforms for children and charities to benefit from the “creative mechanics” workshops offered by the program, which aims to familiarize children with the importance of Savings, savings, basics of ATMs and basic bank operations in technical and innovative ways. The program will reach nearly 300 children in different regions of the Kingdom.
Each workshop extends over two days and combines arts with simple mechanics, as each of the child beneficiaries produces and designs a cartoon ATM machine, and provides it with a simple electrical circuit after learning how to form it, so that the machine is able to complete two main operations: withdrawing and depositing cash. Through the workshops, children learn about the importance of saving at an early age, in addition to the basic functions of an ATM and how it works.
In order to measure the extent to which the desired results have been achieved from these workshops, the program includes an assessment of the financial literacy level of the beneficiary children and their awareness of basic financial rules, before and after their participation in the workshops. The sessions are also keen to enhance children’s various artistic skills and develop their talents, by training them in cutting, coloring, color mixing, brushing, and others.
The Arab Bank and Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans also recently announced the renewal of the cooperation agreement between them, which has been in place since 2011, which aims to support the youth of Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans in completing their educational path and helping them rely on themselves to become productive members of society through various education and support programs.
The Arab Bank has been a major supporter of the Al-Aman Fund over the past years, as it supported a total of 69 university students in various disciplines distributed across all governorates of the Kingdom, thus contributing to giving them opportunities to successfully finish their university education. By renewing the cooperation agreement, 30 of the fund’s youth beneficiaries of the grant will continue their educational journey, including those who will be newly enrolled in school, with the aim of contributing to a bright future for them.

As part of its “Together” program of social responsibility, the Arab Bank recently renewed the cooperation agreement with the Jordanian SOS Children’s Villages Association, which aims to implement its humanitarian mission by caring for orphaned children and those without family bonds.
This agreement stems from the Arab Bank’s belief in the importance of providing continuous support for such social initiatives aimed at providing care and a decent life for this category of orphaned children. Under this agreement, the bank will provide support to the children in the SOS Children’s Village in Amman by securing their annual needs for education, training, food, clothing, personal expenses, and covering their daily, medical and transportation expenses.

The Arab Bank’s support for these initiatives comes within the framework of its social responsibility program “Together”, which is a multi-faceted program based on contributing to the development and development of various aspects of society through various initiatives and activities that contribute to serving several sectors, including education, health, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and support for orphans.

 The Arab Bank launches a special offer in cooperation with BMW Jordan

Arab Bank recently launched a special offer to finance BMW cars in cooperation with Abu KhadrMotors Company – BMW Jordan, as part of the bank’s keenness to provide distinguished offers and promotional programs to its customers that keep pace with their needs and aspirations.
Customers wishing to purchase any of the BMW cars will be able to take advantage of the benefits of this special offer, which is valid until 7/31/2021, which includes financing up to 10 years, preferential interest rate, free maintenance contract for 5 years, manufacturer warranty for 4 years, and exemption. From the loan implementation commission, within simple and easy procedures.
Commenting on the launch of this new offer, Mr. Yaqoub Maatouk, Director of Retail Banking Services at Arab Bank – Jordan said: “We at Arab Bank are constantly keen to provide integrated financing solutions to our customers and to provide distinctive value-added offers and promotional campaigns that suit their financing needs.” He added “This offer allows our customers to own a BMW of their choice from a wide range of available models, with preferential features and easy options.”
In turn, the General Manager of BMW Abu Khader Automotive, Mr. Issa Bousheh, said: “We are proud of our cooperation with the Arab Bank, and we always strive to provide the best financing solutions to our customers through cooperation with leading banking institutions.” Commenting on the offer, he said: “The offer allows those who wish to own a BMW to finance their car at a competitive interest rate in addition to other benefits such as a five-year maintenance contract and a four-year manufacturer’s warranty.”


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