• March 3, 2024

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 JD 6.9 Million, Safwa Islamic Bank’s Half Profits for 2021

Abu Hammour: The bank always works to achieve the best results for its shareholders while preserving the right of customers to receive the best types of service and the most sophisticated and sophisticated.

Safwa Islamic Bank (SIB), which is listed on the Amman Stock Exchange, achieved a growth in quarterly profits for the first half of this year, by 37.43 percent, on an annual basis.
The preliminary financial results showed that the bank achieved profits of JD 6.94 million ($17.98 million), compared to JD 5.05 million ($13.08 million) profits in the first half of last year.
The financial statements indicated that the bank’s total growth were rationalized by 10.63 percent during the first half of the year, to reach JD 23.77 million, compared to expenses of JD 21.48 million in the first half of 2020.
The bank had witnessed a decline in its annual profits for 2020, by 1.51 percent, to reach JD 10.17 million, compared to a profit attributable to shareholders of JD 10.02 million in 2019.

Dr. Muhammad Abu HammourChairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, commented on the results of the first half of this year that they came to confirm the soundness of the strategies followed in the Bank and confirm the success of the studied plans that the Bank continues to develop and study and to ensure the effectiveness of their application and follow-up results continuously in the interest of the Bank and its shareholders and preserves customers their right In receiving the best and sophisticated types of service
Hammour affirmed his constant appreciation for the efforts exerted by the family of Safwa Islamic Bank employees, which reflect their loyalty and affiliation to the bank and to exert their utmost energies to serve the bank and its customers to the fullest.



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