• June 12, 2024

Egyption Arab Land Bank news


Egyptian Arab Land Bank
launches “Aqari Mobile” Application in its New Form

The Egyptian Land Bank announced the launch of the “Aqari Mobile” application in its new look, within the framework of its strategy aimed at digital transformation and providing new digital services.
The new “Aqari Mobile” application is an integrated application for banking service on cell phones as meets the various requirements and desires of customers, both individuals and companies. And easily, anytime and anywhere, while providing the highest levels of protection and confidentiality.  
By downloading the “Aqari Mobile” application, which also features an easy and flexible interface and an integrated banking experience, our customers can access the application using their handprint, iris scan or password. The application allows customers to benefit from a new and exclusive range of banking services.
Where the customer will be able to benefit from an updated experience of basic banking services, including reviewing the bank’s products, following up the balances and details of movements on the account, periodic payment of bills via (e-Fawateercom), and the CLIQ service to transfer funds between your accounts and the accounts of other customers within the bank Real estate or any other beneficiary at the banks participating in the service in Jordan, instantly and easily, in addition to local and external transfers, the service of paying a group of bills in one go, in addition to the electronic account statement, inquiring about and paying credit card information, controlling the SMS service, and controlling the card The credit and debit card in the event of loss or loss, and locating the bank’s branches and ATMs closest to the customer, in addition to a range of other services.
Commenting on the launch of the new application, Tarek Akl, Regional Director of the Egyptian Arab Land Bank said: The launch of “Aqari Mobile” with its new look falls within the bank’s strategy in digital transformation and its commitment to providing new digital services to its customers, improving the customer experience and simplifying their banking operations by providing seamless digital solutions that keep pace with their lifestyle and aspirations.”
Akl added: “Customers’ needs and their changing behavior pattern prompted the banking sector today to work permanently and continuously to provide digital solutions to its customers, and in response to this, we worked to enhance the Aqari Mobile application with qualitative additions to the services that the customer can complete through the new application and encourage our customers to increase the use of digital channels to conduct their usual banking transactions with more privacy and flexibility.”

Cairo Amman Bank renews the agreement to issue smart university cards with the Hashemite University

Within the framework of its social responsibility strategy programs, and in order to fulfill its humanitarian duty towards society, The Egyptian Arab Land Bank , in cooperation with the Dom Bank Directorate, organized a blood donation campaign for the second year in a row under the slogan (point = life) with the participation of the bank’s employees, which enjoyed a great and distinguished turnout. By the bank’s male and female employees to donate in order to meet the patients’ needs for blood, in addition to introducing the community to the culture of blood donation and encouraging them to give.

Commenting on this humanitarian initiative, the CEO / Regional Director of the Egyptian Arab Land Bank, Tarek Akl, said: “The employees of the Egyptian Arab Land Bank have been donating blood on a regular basis over the past years, as blood donation is a noble expression of support for the community and its hospitals, and we encourage donors, especially people with rare blood types, to ensure the availability of sufficient supplies of these types at hospitals in Helping patients and supporting our communities in this way.” 
Akl pointed out that the blood donation campaign, which is organized annually, is one of the social voluntary initiatives that the bank adopts to promote a course in the field of social responsibility and achieve the principle of social solidarity by involving its employees in volunteer work. between the bank and the local community institutions, stressing the bank’s keenness on the continuity of organizing such campaigns in the future.”
The administration of the Blood Bank Directorate sent a letter of thanks and appreciation to the management and employees of the Egyptian Arab Land Bank for the success of this campaign, and for their response by donating blood, while emphasizing the continuity of communication with the bank to hold more blood donation campaigns.


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