• April 22, 2024

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“Amman Arab University” Gets Membership in the Regional Network for Social Responsibility

Amman Arab University has obtained membership in the Institutions category in the Regional Network for Social Responsibility of the United Nations Global Compact Program. This achievement comes as a realization of the vision of Amman Arab University: “A distinguished university in education and scientific research and effective in building a knowledge society.”
The Regional Network for Social Responsibility is an international, non-profit professional organization that was established in 2007. It has branches, offices and representative agreements in most of the Gulf countries and a large number of other Arab countries in addition to the Turkish Republic, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Britain and the United States of America. The network aims to raise awareness On the social responsibility of companies and institutions and work to strengthen them in the governmental, private and private sectors, and help companies and institutions to become coordinated practices, work and activities in accordance with sustainable development standards, the network also works on the implementation of specialized studies and research in addition to issuing various periodicals and publications to educate business sectors and other institutions on practices the best in social responsibility according to the approved international standards.
This step comes within the framework of the university’s social responsibility management plan to apply local and international standards for responsibility practices in its mission: Providing educational, training, research, social and economic programs, projects and initiatives that promote sustainable development through joint cooperation with various community institutions.

“Amman Arab University” and the International Friendship Organization Organize the First International Scientific Forum for Nanotechnology Applications

With unparalleled success and wide participation, Amman Arab University – the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and in cooperation with the International Friendship Organization – Kingdom of Sweden, held the first virtual international scientific forum for nanotechnology applications, which extended over the course of 24-25/5/2021 with great success, where sixteen papers were presented Scientific work of researchers and scientists in the field of nanotechnology and in the presence of a large number of scientists, researchers and interested people, where the attendance exceeded more than 300 scientists and researchers from more than 20 Arab and foreign countries.
The forum was opened by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Widyan, President of Amman Arab University, and Mr. Ali Wassaf, President of the International Friendship Organization, where Dr. Al-Widyan pointed to Amman Arab University’s belief in the importance of the scientific and applied field of nanotechnology and its contribution to achieving the university’s vision and mission in following up everything that is modern and developed, and its great importance In wide fields of interest to Jordan, the Arab world, and even humanity as a whole, Dr. Al-Widyan gave a full explanation of Amman Arab University since its establishment as the first university for graduate studies in Amman-Jordan, and talked about its growth, expansion and development over the past years until it now contains 9 different faculties and grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees In various disciplines, Mr. Ali Wassaf, in turn, praised Amman Arab University and its qualitative contribution to the forum, expressing his interest in continuing and expanding cooperation in the future between the two sides.
The forum was distinguished by advanced and distinct scientific and technological proposals. The forum came up with many recommendations, the most prominent of which is that this forum should be the nucleus of a broad scientific conference, and the organization of research papers in the form of training programs presented by researchers to the interested audience.


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