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Dr. Mou,min Diraniya, a man who is a human doctor, whose opinions, ideas and actions deepen the meaning of integration, human solidarity and help to others

The doctor has a prominent role in the renaissance and progress of society. The skilled doctor can discover the disease and seek to treat it quickly; he knows how to select the required medicine for the appropriate condition through his deep knowledge, wide experience and various experiences. The importance of a doctor lies in the fact that he protects the base of society, which is the human being.

The medical profession is one of the most honorable and moral professions, it is the basis of civilizations and the reason for their development and it is one of the most important features of their strength. When society is satisfied with its doctors, it does not collapse in the face of any crisis. This was very clear during the Corona crisis, as our doctors were our first line of defense, which we fought and won with him.

When talking about skilled doctors, we must talk about Dr. Mou,min Mamoun Diraniya. He is one of the distinguished elites who leave a fingerprint everywhere they pass and with each patient they deal with him, and their impact extends to become like a stake that tightens the pillars of the homeland and establishes the roots of goodness and compassion in it. 

Dr. Mou,min Mamoun Diraniya Consultant General and Endoscopic Surgery, graduated from the University of Jordan. Dr. Mou,min FRCS Edinburgh Fellow in the UK, with extensive experience in his field

He has previously worked for more than 25 years in hospitals in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Mou,min features treatment for all general surgeries including hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal incision, hair bag, splenic surgery, endoscopic gastrointestinal surgery, hernia surgery, endoscopic appendix surgery, breast surgery, thyroid surgery, and obesity operations. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Jordan, Jordan 

Holds a Fellowship in General Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, UK 

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh FRCS Ed 

Member of the Jordanian Medical Association JMA 

Member of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties SCFHS 

Member of the Saudi Society for General Surgery SGSS 

Member of the Saudi Society for Endoscopic Surgery SLS 

Member of the MMESA 

IFSO Member

Dr.  Diraniya: Medicine in Jordan has risen to a high level and has gained a good reputation, especially in therapeutic tourism

Bariatric surgery helps the patient to lose weight provided he is cooperative and makes an effort to help him

Dr.  Diraniya has the idea of establishing the Arab Medical Relief Association because man’s need for health is no less important than his need for food, shelter, clothing, or warmth


According to Dr. Diraniya, who spoke to (the investors) about his long journey in the medical field, he began his talk about the beginnings “Perhaps the beginning was to achieve my father’s desire to join in the field of medicine. This desire is still the concern of many people until now, but then I do not deny that this desire has become a personal desire that dominated all my dreams to become the most important of them at all, and when the dream becomes a mixture of parental satisfaction and self-satisfaction, too, its completion becomes a must, and this was what was when I finished the study of medicine at the University of Jordan.”

Dr. Mou,min went on to talk about the beginning of his work career immediately after graduation and the beginning of his work, which was in the Jordanian Islamic Hospital, and after two years of graduation, the beginning of the journey was in Saudi Arabia, “I was working in military hospitals as I worked in the Ministry of Health moving between the cities of Saudi Arabia between Jeddah and Taif. The conclusion was a hold in Mecca before returning to Jordan. I did not realize how the years passed because the profession of the doctor is a profession that requires loyalty and full affiliation to devote all his life, time and effort to it. Knowledge in it does not count for years and development does not stop. The doctor is the only one who remains a student for the last day of his career. Every day, we keep up with changes at all levels, whether in the development of new treatment methods, modern technical techniques, and medicines those develop around the clock. Even diseases develop and do not stop at a certain encyclopedia. Therefore, the successful doctor remains looking at science

With regard to his return to Jordan, Diranya pointed out that return was always taken into account, no matter how late it was, it had to come. “Praise be to Allah, we are back, and I am back with the energy that is worthy of the size of this country. Conditions may be difficult with the coronavirus, but the cloud is on its way to receding, and life will return to normal, God willing.”

Dr. Diraniya praised the remarkable development in the medical sector in the Kingdom and how the number of government hospitals has increased and medicine in Jordan has risen to a level that competes with neighboring countries, especially the mention of the therapeutic tourism that characterized the Kingdom and has earned it a good reputation that smells all over the world.

Dr. Diraniya pointed to the importance of medical awareness among the citizen and that technology and social media have been able to increase this awareness and enhance the role of doctors in the media, which means that accurate information reaches the citizen directly through the doctor who trusts him and follows his pages on social media.

Since the main concern in this era is the problems of obesity and how to get rid of them, whether in terms of health or even aesthetics, Dr. Mou,min touched on the surgery of obesity of all kinds and how it helps the patient to lose weight, provided that he is cooperative and makes an effort to help himself, because if he does not help and starts to circumvent the process, it will not be effective as required. Diraniya added that the quantization process is of the kind of restriction surgery that limits the amount of food that the patient eats, but if this food is of high calorie foods such as chocolate, it allows passage to the stomach and leads to weight gain. Therefore, obesity operations must be accompanied by a change in lifestyle and eating style.

As for the details of the surgical obesity operations, the obesity patient has the only chance of losing weight mainly in the first year and continues in the second year, and then the weight drop stops. Hence, the patient must adhere to the first and second years in order to maintain the weight he loses and avoid a return to excess. Therefore, my advice to any obesity patient is to change his lifestyle after the operation by eating fewer calories and increasing sports activity. He added: Deraniah indicated that the weights that deserve these operations are those in which the body mass index is greater than 40 because in this case it is considered morbid obesity or in the presence of diseases associated with obesity. Deraniah pointed out that the risk of these operations is reasonable and acceptable, as any work in life involves a risk ratio that suits it. Surgery in general is not without complications, but the process of diversion may be chronic, such as lack of vitamins and minerals.

At the end of our conversation with Dr. Mou,min Diraniya, we cannot be oblivious to the great humanitarian aspect that the doctor enjoys, which everyone who deals with him notices and follows his activity on social networking sites. Yes, the doctor who purifies the wounds of people before their diseases. These are the beautiful human meanings that parallel science and elevate nations. He is the owner of the idea of establishing the Arab Medical Relief Association, which he talked about, saying: “It is a Jordanian charity that was registered in 2012 within the competence of the Ministry of Health, and it is specialized in charitable medical work, and it is concerned with providing its services to the needy poor and refugees, and we were with the team of founders His Excellency Dr. Awni Al-Bashir, companion of the march, and Dr. Nazir Abu Al-Dahab, may God have mercy on him.” Dr. Diranya expressed his sincere thanks to everyone who participated in this work, which started small and explained his great happiness, as he saw the association grow before our eyes, asking God to accept 

He added, “The association played an important role to cover the shortage in the field of medical and charitable work, especially with the scarcity of charities specialized in medical work, and one of its most important projects was the Corona pandemic campaign (giving you oxygen), which served our community in this difficult stage that swept the world.”

“The Association has also played a role that complements that of other associations concerned with providing basic assistance (shelter, clothing, food, education, etc.) to the needy.

Dr. Diraniya confirmed that a person’s need for health is just as important as his need for food, shelter, clothing, or warmth.  

Dr.  Diraniya is a human doctor who, through his opinions, ideas and actions, works to mainstream the meaning of integration and human solidarity and help others, which makes society as a compact structure, in which each member collapses to the other. 

Dheia Alhouraniz

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