• December 11, 2023

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The Third consecutive year,

“Safwa Islamic Bank” Signs an Agreement to Continue the Services of the Credit Information Company – Crif Jordan

Based on the bank’s strategy and plan to enhance its role in community development and social responsibility, and in the belief that youth are the most important element for the progress of our beloved country, Safwa Islamic Bank launched for the third year in a row the summer training program “Safwa Future Stars” in order to empower students who are currently studying in the Jordanian universities to have a real opportunity to develop and develop their skills in a practical way in our Jordanian Islamic banking institution.

The program aims to provide the participating students with practical knowledge and skills, which are based mainly on introducing them to the electronic banking services provided by the bank to customers to help students integrate into the labor market and obtain practical experience before graduation, in addition to qualifying them to work in the banking field and providing them with the appropriate expertise so that they are trained in the bank’s branches and thus contribute to providing the banking sector with the required competencies.

The third version of the program, which is the first of its kind in the local banking sector, follows the success achieved in the previous two versions for the years 2019 and 2020, which resulted in the training of 67 male and female students in the bank’s branches located in most governorates and cities of the Kingdom, in addition to the appointment of 9 of them. In the bank’s branches after their graduation. In the current version, 40 male and female trainees were selected, distributed among the bank’s branches, out of 2,400 applications submitted on the bank’s website.


Safwa Islamic Bank announces the winner of the prize thfirst semi-annual and the winners of the June 2021 draw

 on the account of saving children “Kenzi”

Safwa Islamic Bank announces the winner of the prize thfirst semi-annual and the winners of the June 2021 draw
on the account of saving children “Kenzi”

Safwa Islamic Bank announced that the girl Tamara Burhan Abzakh won the prize of the semi-annual for the “Kenzi” children’s savings account, and its value is 10 thousand Jordanian dinars, which is the prize that is presented for the first time with the updated version of the account, and that is after development The at the beginning of the current year 2021 received the account and its benefits, including prizes that were increased in number and distributed throughout the year.


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