• February 8, 2023
  • Expo Dubai is an abbreviation of modern human civilization and a qualitative leap for the participation of Arab countries in making the economy.
  • Al Maktoum: The experience that the world will witness at the Expo will be unprecedented… and the UAE will be up to the global event
  • Expo Dubai outside the dark circle drawn by Corona in the world
  • Wait for us in the next issue, hopefully, to shed light on the Dubai Expo and all its important details

The UAE has completed its preparations to launch the work of Expo 2020 Dubai, which will start in early October 2021, until the end of March 2022.
Which is one of the largest commercial and economic events held in light of the Corona pandemic, as the event is expected to attract about 25 million visitors.
Saying that the Expo is the global gateway to the modern era is not an exaggeration. Rather, it has been organized every five years since 1995 AD. It can tell us the story of modern human civilization, and perhaps more than that, and no country has held an Expo since it was officially organized for the first time. In the United Kingdom in 1850, it only became one of the most important and powerful countries that are referred to in the issue of economic development and growth. Italy predicted itself.
Today, in full view of the world, Arabs are allowed to play their part in the industry of human civilization. After choosing the United Arab Emirates, and specifically the Emirate of Dubai, to organize the Expo 2020 exhibition, and working in preparations for this most important event in the history of the Arab economy and the Middle East, it is underway to become the city of Dubai through which it is the pilgrimage site. The economic world and its gateway to the modern era.
In this regard, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, reassured the preparations for the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai.
And he said in a tweet: “We assure everyone that the experience that the world will witness at the Expo will be unprecedented .. that the UAE and Dubai will be on the level of the global event .. and that the six months in which 191 countries will meet with us will remain in the memory of the world, God willing.”
In turn, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, said that the UAE will host one of the largest cultural and civilizational events in the world, “Expo 2020 Dubai.”
He added in a tweet posted on his Twitter account: “The capabilities and competence of our national team, led by my brother Mohammed bin Rashid, will present the world as an inspiring model of will, determination and achievement.”
The launch of the exhibition is a historical precedent, as it is the first international expo to be organized in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region in the UAE.
International Expos provide a platform to showcase the most important innovations that have shaped the world we know today. Expo 2020 will continue to maintain this tradition thanks to the unveiling of the latest technologies from around the world.
The exhibition will feature more than 100 robots made in China that will welcome visitors, serve food, help with directions and take photos.
More than 30,000 volunteers have registered to help with Expo 2020 Dubai; Emiratis make up 61% of all people between the ages of 18 and 24.
Bompas & Parr’s multi-sensory studio will also host a multi-sensory theatrical experience at Expo 2020 Dubai, titled ‘Introducing the Future of Food: The Epocal Banquet’.
Despite the suffering experienced by many regions and countries as a result of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the UAE was able to determine the path of recovery through an integrated set of factors and steps that made it able to determine to what extent the world can restore life to the various sectors in a tight manner without violating the virus containment system.
Today, the UAE is reaping the fruits of proactiveness in expanding vaccination campaigns, which included 78.11 of the total eligible category of the population, and tightening control over the level of the outbreak through periodic examinations of the population, which exceeded more than 49 million examinations, which contributed to its approach to reaching the proportions of societal immunity required to normalize life. .
The set of health and regulatory protocols, which included the educational system, the medical sector, and the aviation and hotel sectors, boosted the world’s confidence in the UAE and its classification among the most efficient countries in hosting major international events and events.

Dubai chose the title of Expo 2020, which it is organizing, with the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.” Through this title, we can discern what Dubai already intends and intends to organize for this event, which is that this time the exhibition will constitute an exceptional platform that allows the global community to cooperate together to discover innovative and pioneering solutions to topics The three sub-factors that have been identified as key drivers of global development are sustainability as permanent sources of energy and water, mobility through new systems of transport and logistics, and opportunities through new ways of achieving economic growth and improving the standard of living for all people around the world. Emphasis will be placed on exploring interconnections and identifying potential partnerships that will ultimately produce a legacy of new innovations.

The desired feasibility of Expo 2020 Dubai is not only that it will represent a strong catalyst for the process of economic, cultural and social transformation, and the resulting valuable legacies for the host city and the host country. This time.
We will have a lengthy talk in the next issue, God willing, to talk about most of the events that the exhibition will witness and how it deals with Corona and its ability to control it. We will also shed light on the economic feasibility and the effects that the Dubai Expo will have.